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I started my investment journey just like any ordinary Singaporean out there. My first property is a humble 4-room HDB flat which my wife and I bought during Sale of Balance Flats exercise. At the time, the HDB flat that we bought has never crossed our mind as an investment. We were just happy to have a roof over our heads and it is within walking distance to the MRT and two professionally-managed shopping malls.

You see, my wife and I are exposed to the concept of having passive income since our university days so investing is always on the back of our mind. It comes naturally for us to have thoughts about getting a second property for investment once our flat reaches MOP (Minimum Occupation Period).

Joining PropNex has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I am grateful for that. In a short span of time, I picked up a lot of knowledge that allows me to look at real estate from various angles, avoid the costly mistakes, and differentiate good investment from the bad ones.

With the confidence and knowledge that I have gained, we took the plunge by selling our HDB flat because paying ABSD was not a viable option at that time. And it is through the process that we learn a shocking lesson should we continue to hold on to our HDB. And we are glad we didn’t delay our decision.

So today, my wife and I are humble owners of two private properties. It is not something that is achieved overnight and is a journey that requires some long term planning every step of the way from day one. The end result of a good or bad decision can only be felt many years later. So I am happy to share the current best practices and impart you with the foresight to get the best outcome for yourself based on your personal situation and preference.

Whether you are starting out with a humble BTO or your very own condo, I am happy to share my personal journey and some details you should be looking out for so you do not have to make the same costly mistakes other people make that could hinder your investment journey later on. Feel free to contact me for a casual chat at +65 9855 5431.