Hi. Welcome to my website. My name is Richie and I am a Real Estate Consultant.

Many people wants to buy or upgrade property for a variety of reasons. Some are starting a family. Some want to move to bigger place because family size has grown. Some just want to invest so they can have a comfortable retirement.

No matter what is the reason, property is one of the biggest investment people can make in a lifetime. Without the right knowledge, a wrong decision can lead to a loss in time and money. Hindsight can become a costly mistake.

My role is to understand your needs and share with you the various pitfalls to avoid. You do not have to make those same costly mistakes.

A meeting with me does not necessary means you have to buy a property. I believe in providing you with the right knowledge and strategy first so you can decide for yourself what is the best way forward.

Even if you are not ready or decide to remain status quo, you can still recommend your friends or families, whom you think can benefit too from my sharing, to me if you feel I have add value to you.

Interested to know more? Contact me at +65 9855 5431.